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Jared Drake

About Me

Jared Drake

Greetings, my name is Jared Drake (As if it wasn't obvious in my big banner), and I am absolutely obsessed with designing and creating new applications. I have been inventing and designing things since as was a young child using floss as a primary ingredient. In high school when I wasn't playing sports, I was using man's most complex invention, the computer. Before I knew it, I was 19 years old in a dorm at Indiana University. As I explored majors in aspirations of a higher education, I decided to pursue a major that would improve my management skills. Management is not the management of people, but the concept of planning and controlling past, present and future events. Compared to the time spent on my major, I would estimate that I doubled that developing applications outside of class.

A management major gives an individual many perspectives, but often seems too theoretical to be useful. In the summer of 2010, I put my major on the line by starting small café back home. Soon, I discovered the importance of an education. The café was passed on to a few local business owners so that I could continue my education. Soon after, I became the web developer for a large campus organization. Then right before I knew it, I was standing Assembly Hall in Bloomington being proclaimed an Indiana University graduate.

Jared DrakeThanks to my appreciation for my newfound education, I made the decision to continue into the Information Science program at Indiana University. Application development and programming constituted a very large portion of my time during those years, but I wanted to learn even more about it from some of the brightest minds in the world. Sure, the internet is an amazing resource to learn programming, but why not get the theory and practices behind the code? Programming and learning about the important theories in usability and information science, we arrive at the present state of my life.